Apps and services that are not yet very popular.

Illustration of Time4VPS
Time4VPS offers hosting for websites or self-hosted web applications. It is a good option to host an open source web application for your business or just to try.
Illustration of the Bolt's dashboard
Light and fast content management system that allows to create content types and deeply personalize the templates.
Opera's website
Fast and secure web browser based on chromium. It includes many advanced features such as a VPN and a turbo for slow connection.
Remarkable markdown editor
Remarkable is a "what you see is what you get" (wysiwyg) markdown editor. It is a very simple yet powerful editor available for Windows and Linux. You can export to HTML and PDF.
Illustration of Passwork
Generate strong passwords, save them and use them wherever you need. Share your business passwords with your trusted collaborators.
Very secure and encrypted email based in Switzerland. Get back your privacy as emails can contain very valuable data.
Password manager to keep your data safe. Generate and save long and robust passwords. If you need to sign up for many services this is the way to go.
Illustration of ProtonMail blue theme
Bring more joy and colors to your ProtonMail account with this theme.
Illustration of is a file storage such as Dropbox with more security and privacy. Share, synchronize, and access your documents from anywhere with your colleagues or clients.