ProtonMail - get back your privacy (alternative to gmail)

ProtonMail is an alternative to Gmail, Yahoo mail or that respects your privacy with encryption. It is modern and reliable.


Review of Protonmail

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

Protonmail is a modern alternative to the major providers such as Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, ... They offer most of the expected functionalities with an extra but powerful one : privacy.


The most notable features are :

  • Clean and simple interface

  • Conversational view (like GMail)

  • Labels and filters

  • End to end encryption.

  • Options for businesses (multiple accounts)

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Protonmail encrypts all your data in their datacenter based in Switzerland, only you with your password can access it. They provide that in a mature product that is accessible by everyone. You know that it is encrypted, but it is build in a way that you don't see it, you are not annoyed by technical requirements.

You can send end to end encrypted messages to other Protonmail users. Otherwise you can encrypt a message with a password.

Open source

It is a paid service based on their open source software which means that independent expert can verify the software. The paid service is the secured environment where the software is running, under 1000 meters of solid rock as they claim.


Protonmail is available as a web application, on Android and iOS. The apps are really well made, user friendly and reliable. You can trust the service.

How do we use it ?

With the paid version you can add your own domaine name. The steps are well explained, they have an assistant to guide you through it.

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