KeePass - robust password manager (high security)

KeePass generates and stores with encryption long, robust and unique passwords to drastically increase your security online.


Review of KeePass

Date published
Last modificationFeb 22, 2018

Simple and efficient tool to generate and save your passwords. They can be organized in categories and subcategories which makes it easy to keep hundreds of passwords.

Everything is encrypted in a file with a master password, make sure it is a good one and don't lose it, you won't be able to recover it.

The encrypted file can be share among the trusted employees of your new company which is just perfect to share secured password among people that have to use the same online account (on a social media for instance).

KeePass is not the only app using this file format, other exists for Android or iPhone, there is also a web app.

Make sure to backup the file time to time in a safe place in case something happens to it.

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