About new boss' apps

A community for freelancers, entrepreneurs and artists

New Boss Apps is a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and artists exchanging about apps and online services to empower businesses and projects.

We expect people to interact with use, we are more than happy if you contact us and tell us what do you thing, suggest an app, exchange with the community or partner with us.

You can join us on twitter.

Apps used by symbiodyssey.com

We provide a list of apps and services that we use at symbiodyssey.com or personally. We have spend hours and hours to test hundreds of apps and we believe that our selection can help like minded people and businesses. It can be especially useful for people not having enough time to test as many apps as we did or people that don't have a background in IT.

Recommended apps

This is a list of apps that we don't use or don't use anymore because we don't need them now or anymore. Nevertheless we believe that they are relevant for the community and can be useful for other freelancers, entrepreneurs and artists.

Business model

symbiodyssey.com is a free community running without advertisement and without selling data. To live with it, we try to create other relevant services around symbiodyssey that are commercial. Newbossapps.com makes money through affiliate programs and helps symbiodyssey.com.

We commit ourselves to be transparent and affirm you that :

  • We really use the apps that we claim we use.
  • The apps that we recommend are, according to our own opinion, relevant to our audience.

By purchasing an app that is connected to an affiliate program on our website, you contribute financially to our work.