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Generate strong passwords, save them and use them wherever you need. Share your business passwords with your trusted collaborators.

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

The password system is one key to securing your data and apps in the digital world. You cannot make any wrong step or your business, your emails, or your bank accounts can be compromised.

This is why you need a good strategy to protect yourself. However, most of the time, security means more constraints to do what you need to do.

Passwork allows you to secure your online life with good practices without compromising your user experience. Create one complex password for each service and let Passwork log you in with their extension for your browser.

Share your passwords with your collaborators

A business faces another great challenge, how to share a password to a service that has to be managed by over than one collaborators ?

Passwork can share the passwords you want with the collaborators you want. This way, two people or more can post on the twitter account of your company. If you think someone should not be allowed to access a password anymore, no problem. Remove the rights to the collaborator and change the password. The remaining collaborators will instantly see the new one.

How does Passwork protect me ?

  • One unique and complex password per account

  • You need not remember them so you can use highly complex passwords

  • The passwords are encrypted with a master password

  • The passwords are safely stored in a trusted country (Finland)

  • Passwork cannot look at your passwords

  • Passwork certifies that only you can access your passwords


You can access your passwords from the web, Android, iPhone and an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Why do we use Passwork ?

  • Accessible everywhere, on any platform

  • Easy to share a password with a collaborator

  • We don't have to backup our passwords ourselves

  • It is hosted in a trusted country

  • It is easy to login on websites with the extension

  • It is user friendly

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