Jottacloud - the advantage of the cloud in a trusted country

Sharing files in the cloud between colleagues is fantastic but only if it rhymes with security. Jottacloud is a safe and efficient cloud based in Norway, a trusted country.

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Last modificationMay 22, 2018

Jottacloud is a secure file storage in the cloud. Share your files with your colleagues and backup your valuable data.

Jottacloud is an aternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Apple iCloud. The biggest advantage : Jottacloud is hosted in one of the most modern society. Norway respects the privacy of their people and their guests.


The main features are :

  • Respect of privacy

  • Automatic backup of pictures, SMS and contacts on Smartphones

  • Share files with colleagues, partners and clients

  • Easy access from different devices

  • User friendly.

  • 5GB free

Freelancers, Artists, Businesses

Jottacloud offers a plan for freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, or self-employed. It's available for maximum two users.

The second plan is for more users. You pay the storage but you can add as many users as you want.

It allows you to start safely your business with 5GB free and think about growing later. When it's gonna be the time.


Jottacloud is available as a web service and offers an app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

How do we use it ?

The automatic backup of pictures, SMS and contacts is a great feature to save our files. Taking a picture of a ticket, a note or any proof need for the business knowing it's going to be stored safely is a must.

Read how to backup your phone with Jottacloud.

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Online reputationIt has overall a good reputation. It's still not so well known.
Weight :4Rating :90
Political stability in home countryNorway is a very stable country
Weight :3Rating :95
TransparencyGood information on the website. Difficult to find financial report or number of customers.
Weight :4Rating :80
Activity on social mediaThey are active but don't have a strategy base on social media
Weight :3Rating :70
Life expectancyThey are active since 2008 but this is a very competitive market. Security is one of their main arguments and they might keep or grow their market share.
Weight :5Rating :80
Total :83

App context

Online reputationSame as company
Weight :0Rating :0
Activity on social mediaSame as company
Weight :0Rating :0
Life expectancySame as company
Weight :0Rating :0
Development activityThey regularly offer new functionalities.
Weight :5Rating :90
EthicEthic seams important to them. They say their datacenters run with renewable energy.
Weight :5Rating :95
Business modelYou pay for what you get
Weight :3Rating :90
Total :92


User friendlinessIt's is easy to use and understand how it works.
Weight :4Rating :90
DesignThe interface is clean and looks rather good
Weight :4Rating :90
StabilityIt is stable we have not experienced any issue so far.
Weight :4Rating :95
ReactivityIt is reactive although we have not very intensively tested
Weight :4Rating :90
SecurityWith what they claim and what we have seen so far, it is secure. But they don't have any certification to prove it. The TLS certificate does not prove the physical location.
Weight :5Rating :80
AvailibilityAlways available so far but they provide no SLA or a info about downtime.
Weight :4Rating :80
Functionalities meet expectationIt is the case. We might have expected the possibility to encrypt some documents on the client side already.
Weight :4Rating :90
Total :88


PlatformsThey are available on the main platforms. On Linux not all functionalities are available
Weight :3Rating :80
DocumentationThey provide a good documentation.
Weight :4Rating :90
SupportThe support is available in the form of a chat as well as a helpdesk. We have not tested if they answer quickly.
Weight :4Rating :80
InternationalizationEnglish and Norwegian. Which was enough for us.
Weight :3Rating :70
Data integrationThe synchronization allows the import or export of data. There is no import or export function out of that.
Weight :5Rating :70
Accessibility for disabledNew comment
Weight :4Rating :51
Total :73

Licence and price

Respect of privacyVery good respect of privacy. They don't report on how many requests from the government they have had, denied and authorized.
Weight :4Rating :95
Clarity of the termsVery clear and easy to understand
Weight :4Rating :95
LicenceNo other licence
Weight :0Rating :0
PriceThe prices are rather low.
Weight :4Rating :80
Total :90

Great total


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