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Opera is a fast, secure and modern web browser based on chromium with many unique features to enhance your online experience.

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

Opera has been there for a long time bringing a big experience to browsers. They have innovated and invented some of the features that all other browsers have now included. Opera is available on many platforms (desktop, Android, iPhone, video game consoles, TVs, ...).


The most notable features are :

  • Based on Chromium (they help develop it) which makes Opera compatible with almost any websites

  • A VPN is included when a secured connection is needed

  • Turbo mode, it compresses the data transfered reducing the latency on slow connections or mobile networks.

  • An ad blocker is natively included, no need to install anything more.

  • A panel including Facebook messenger and Whatsapp to better access those services

  • Synchronization between devices (password, bookmarks, opened tabs, ...)

Developer tools

Opera offers the same tools available in Chromium (or Chrome). They are very advanced tools to analyze and understand the code and the structure of a website. This is a key to improve a website, avoid mistakes and compare with competitors.


Opera is really available everywhere, from desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) to phones, Smartphones (Android, iPhone), TVs, game consoles, ...


With an account you can synchronize all your devices and continue surfing as soon as you jump to another platform. If you travel and read some articles on your Smartphone, as soon as you reach your office, you can continue the reading on your desktop.


The sidebar gives access to a great set of tools that simplify your navigation :

  • Snapshot to take a picture of a page or a specific region

  • Bookmarks to access your favorite website

  • Personal news to read the latest news from different sources and location

  • Devices to access the opened tabs from other devices

  • History

  • And more...


Opera has an app store with many great extensions to personalize your browser the way you want. You can take advantage of powerful functionalities to simplify your online experience.

Moreover, Opera has created an extension to install those from the Google Chrome Web Store.

How do we use it ?

Speed dial is the home where cards linking to website can be added. Opera was the first to introduce this feature that is now a must in any web browsers.

Speed dial allows folder creation. We use that to access specific pages on websites such as :

  • Channels on Youtube

  • Subreddit on reddit

  • Websites on Google Analytics or Console

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