Bolt - new generation of CMS (alternative to Wordpress)

Bolt is a modern CMS and good alternative to Wordpress based ont the latest web technologies.

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

Simple and modern content management system based on the latest technologies. It is faster and lighter than Wordpress and also build with the experience all the previous CMS making it a smart alternative.

Content types

The possibility to create your own content types mixed with the online editor for the templates let you personalize your website exactly the way you want very efficiently. If you want to review books, movies or ... softwares you can create your content types with your own fields and set exacly where each field should appear on the page.

User management

Bolt comes with a powerful user and group manager and right management. For instance, only the users belonging to the group "apps editors" can edit the apps with the corresponding content type. Very easy and user friendly.

Open source

It is an open source project released with the MIT licence which make it very flexible, open and reusable. Most of the plugins and the themes are published under the same licence, there is almost no need to worry about extra cost or licence violation as MIT is among the most permisive licences.

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