Qualys SSL Labs - Is your website secure ? (https)

Qualys SSL Labs offers a batch of tests to verify if the https connection to your website is secure.

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

Qualys SSL Labs analyse the security of the connection to your website. It verifies from the perspective of different clients (browsers, Android, iPhone) as well as a variety of encryption methods.

At the end Qualys provides a report with a grade and useful information. It test a variety of parameters and tells you exactly what went well or not. If something needs improvement you can find some precious advices here and there on how to fix it.

It is very easy to use, go to the website type your domain name, and wait for the results. That's it !

Wide range of tests

The list of encryption methods, platforms, and software tested is long. If your grade is good the chance that most of your visitors, will see your website safely is high.

Why does it matter ?

Websites with HTTPS rank better on Google.

Even if your site does not have a login system, you may have a form to contact your or a field to apply to your newsletter. If it is the case the data sent to you is not secure. On a public wifi someone can steal your customers' data.

Beware : Starting July 2018, Google Chrome wants to warn non-https connections as not secure.

How to secure my website ?

The first is to get an numeric certificate also known as SSL certificate or TLS certificate. SSL is the most common name but is actually an outdated technology. It is not safe anymore.

letsencrypt.org offers free certificates. Verify if your platform does not come with a tool to use automatically letsencrypt.org.

If you are a tech guy, this is how to get an A+ with Apache and Nginx.

How do we use it ?

We love the fact that Qualys SSL Labs tests the connection with IPv4 and IPv6 (if available) at the same time. It's a nice way to verify if the IPv6 support for our websites is working.

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