ProtonMail Blue Theme

ProtonMail Blue Theme is a responsive design theme for ProtonMail (a secure email service).

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Last modificationApr 22, 2018

Blue Theme is a theme for ProtonMail made by ourselves.

By using this theme you help us and

  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Tested with ProtonMail 3.12
  • No extra file required or downloaded (for security)


You will receive a link to download a file ".css". It's a text document.

  1. Open the css file with a basic notepad.
  2. Copy all the code
  3. Go to ProtonMail > Settings > Appearance
  4. Paste into the Custom Theme text area
  5. Save
  6. Enjoy


The licence is valid for one person. If someone has more than one ProtonMail account, it is valid.

For businesses, Three licences cover one domain with unlimited users.

You can modify the code for your own use.

You cannot distribute/give/resell the code, even modified.

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