Manage your passwords with security and efficiency in mind

If you want to manage your passwords for yourself or your business check this list of 7 principles that will make you safe and out of much trouble.

Manage your passwords
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Last modificationApr 22, 2018

If you want to manage your passwords for yourself or your business follow these principles :

  • One strong and unique password per account to make sure that if one password is compromised not all are.
  • You cannot use a pattern to create unique password if you have to share them with your collaborators. Your passwords have to be completely different.
  • You need a secure place to store them. Avoid the post-it on the screen :P
  • Change them regularly. It's a good opportunity to cancel, or delete what you don't use anymore.
  • Give access to the passwords to the collaborators that really need them.
  • Change immediately the password if a collaborator should not access a service anymore.
  • Use an app or an extension to login easily with the right account.

We use Passwork

Illustration of Passwork

Passwork is service hosted in a trusted country, Finland that respects the principles above.

Main features :

  • You can host your password in Finland or on your own server.
  • Manage which collaborator can see what password.
  • Access your passwords everywhere (Web, Android, iPhone, Chrome and Firefox extension)
  • Easy login on websites with the extension
  • Trusted country, high privacy and security

Try Passwork now or read our review

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