9 apps to grow your business online (with a low budget)

These apps will help you grow your business online, keep your organized and save you a lot of time. If you are concerned about security and privacy online, it's the right place.

Grow your business online
Date published
Last modificationApr 25, 2018

This is our selection of app to help you grow your business online with a low budget and security in mind.

Feedly or Inoreader

First, you need to be aware of what's happening online. You need to become an expert in your field, you should know the trends and what other experts say.

With Feedly or Inoreader, you can read the latest news from the best blogs or writers organized by categories. Don't miss anything in your field.


There is no doubt pictures make a difference to your website, blog posts, emails, or ads. Pixabay give you access to a huge bank of free pictures even for commercial purposes. Search the database, download the pictures you like, and add them to your blog post.


Do you want to make extra money online with a low risk? Why don't you join an affiliate network? ShareASale gives you access to many affiliate programs from a lot of brands.


Writing quality content is an essential part of an online entrepreneur. As you try to become a recognized expert in your field, post regularly about what you know and what you do to convince your prospects to work with you.

ProWritingAid is a tool that helps you write your posts with many tools to improve the quality of your text. It checks the grammar, the frequency of your words, the readability of your sentences. Synonymes are suggested to enhance your website.


Still today an email campaign is efficient and can bring in a lot of traffic to your website. With SendinBlue grow your list, create great campaigns and check the statistics.

If someone is willing to subscribe to your newsletter, it means he is interested by your content. Don't miss this opportunity to speak to interested people.


No need to tell anyone, social media is the place to be to promote your business online. However, it can be very demanding to keep up to date with every social media account. How to post on all of them? What to do to manage the followers? How to find new clients?

Fortunately, Crowdfire is the right tool for you to grow and manage your social media accounts.


What is a business without up to date and well kept books? Don't wait before taking care of your incomes, bills, invoices, online payments. Freshbooks helps you for all of it. When the time for the tax comes, you are ready with clear documents. What a relief.

Jottacloud or sync.com

It is so useful to synchronize your files between your devices and having the assurance that you won't lose any of them. They are plenty of clouds available but if you are like us; you don't want to play with privacy and security. For yourself but also for your customers. What are they going to say if they discover their documents are spied by some government agencies in your cloud account?


After signing up for so many apps how are you going to do with the passwords? Having only one password is not an option anymore today. What if your password is compromised? What do you do if you need to share an account with one of your employees?

Passwork is a safe tool in the cloud, hosted in a trusted country (Finland) that allows you to store your passwords, share with your employees and log in very quickly. What a must.

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