SendinBlue - Automated email marketing campaigns (alternative to MailChimp)

Automatize the interactions with your customers through work flows. Let people subscribe to your mailing list on your website, create beautiful email campaigns, and get analytical reports. It is a great alternative to MailChimp.

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Last modificationApr 28, 2018

SendinBlue includes all the needed tools for a successful marketing campaign.

We like we can send a few emails for free every day. It's a great plus if you start your own business and don't have a lot of money at the beginning. When your business grows, you can subscribe for a more suitable plan.

Email designer

Create beautiful email marketing campaigns with the editor. It helps you design and structure the content of your emails. You can include your logo, pictures, social media accounts. If you know HTML you can completely personalize the appearance.

The template builder helps you create emails you send all the time such as order or registration confirmations.

Contact management

Collect and edit your contacts easily. You can import your contacts in bulk or create a form to include in your website. Your visitors can then subscribe to your newsletter.

Campaign report

As soon as you send your campaign, check the statistics. SendinBlue offers a complete dashboard dedicated to the statistics. See instantly the open rate, the click rate or the unsubscribe rate.

Get the statistics for an individual campaign or for all time. You can also define a time frame to get a clear understanding on how you do.

Marketing automation

Create your own workflow to interact automatically with your subscribers or customers. Defines your rules and send emails after an event; For instance, send a welcome message after someone subscribes to your newsletter.

Transactional messaging

The transactional emails are sent by you via SMTP from your website, online shop, or own web application. If someone orders something or create an account on your website, send him a confirmation.

API and integration

SendinBlue includes an API and a set of tool to integrate with the most known e-commerce and web apps. If you know your way you can integrate SendinBlue with your own applications.

How do we use it?

We use SendinBlue to send our monthly update. The subscribe form on this website will add you to our newsletter list in SendinBlue.

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