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Create beautiful invoices that you can send to your customers and let them pay you online. Manage the time and tasks of your projects.

Invoice ninja

Review of Invoice Ninja

Date published
Last modificationMay 09, 2019

Invoice ninja is very easy to use and has a beautiful and clean interface. Anybody can feel comfortable very quickly. This app has all the functionalities that you would expect for a small or medium business. You can see anytime where you are, what you have to do, the money in and the outstanding.


  • Manage your customers
  • Create bills
  • Get paid online (PayPal, Stripe, ...)
  • Manage projects and tasks
  • List your products and services and add them to your bills
  • Count the time and add it to the bill
  • Recurring payment
  • List the expenses
  • Get different reports

If you want to use it for free on your own server, follow this guide : Invoice ninja on Debian 9 with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt

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