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FreshBooks accounting software is the ideal solution for your business. Send invoices, accept online payments, track your time and your expenses.

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Last modificationApr 11, 2018

FreshBooks accounting is an excellent solution for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs or self-employed. It helps you manage your business, invoices, payments, expenses.

This is very easy to use and understand. The interface is clean and user friendly. You can manage your business anywhere from many platforms.


FreshBooks offers the following functionalities :

  • Send invoices

  • Accept online payments

  • Manage your projects

  • Track your time

  • Track your expenses

  • View the reports


FreshBooks is an online service, you can access it through your favorite web browser as well as from Android and iOS.

Online payments

You can accept online payments without difficulties. FreshBooks accepts the main credit cards or Stripe.

No need to worry about checks or setting up complicated alternative solutions.

Send invoices

FreshBooks helps you create and send clear and professional looking invoices to your customers. Impress your customers and let them pay right away by including a payment method to pay directly online.

Expense tracking

It may be so frustrating and time consuming to track the expenses. FreshBooks helps you stay organized and up to date with your expenses.

Some of the features of this tool :

  • Multi-currency expenses

  • Auto-categorization of expenses

  • Tax friendly categories

  • Easily assign recurring expenses

  • Automatically import expenses from your bank

All in one

FreshBooks cover all your needs to manage your small business or your activities as a freelancer. You will save a lot of time by not reporting at multiple places your data. Instead, you seize your information in one place. FreshBooks understands and reports the information where it should be reported. Therefore, everything stay up to date and clear.

When the time of the tax comes, you can stay relax because everything is already is calculated and at hand.

Spend your time where it is needed and avoid the stress of unorganized information just before a dead line.

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