Illustration of Julia - Romeo India Oscar
The social media are going wild, every TV channel is interrupting its program, all around the world people are becoming aware that something big is happening in Rio.
Julia - part 2 - Riot in Tehran
Julia is working on a new feature on her artificial intelligence until something catches her attention from the daily routine.
Julia part 1 - Switzerland withdraws from the International Hosting Agreement
Switzerland has just voted to withdraw from the International Hosting Agreement. A news that will affect many websites. This is a fiction.
Julia - Part 10 - The Yamadrok lake
Julia arrived in Graz one week ago; she spent most of her time setting up the artificial intelligence to calculate the potential other locations where other extraterrestrial sites might be hidden.
Julia - Part 9 - The future meets the past
After the group split, Gerhard and his faithful friends discover a footprint in the snow. This one does not look like any animal they have ever seen. They are intrigued and want to find out what it is. On the way, they hear some noise. Kind of a whispering but in a language they do not understand.
Julia - Part 8 - The UCP is down
At that moment, an alert is heard from the emergency speakers : “We are under attack, the system is compromised. The security team is responding to the threat. Please stay seated at your desks until more information comes”.
Julia - part 7 -XRW7 Tokyo
The passengers were quiet and relaxed on the plane; no one realizes the landing time was close until one of the crew members made a frightening comment...
Julia - Life after life after death
Rick does not seem tired at all; even though he has worked for about three successive weeks, he shows no sign of fatigue. He loves making things with his hands, his house is raising up from the ground and the boat is ready to go.
Julia - The great barrier reef
Julia landed a few minutes ago in Melbourne; she is walking towards the baggage delivery. A headline from a well known local newspaper catches her attention : A robot kills a human.
Julia - part 4 - The spoils of Genghis Khan
An international investigation has started after the tomb of Genghis Khan has been spoiled. So far, there is absolutely no information about who have done that and what have been stolen.
Julia - Part 11 - Be Way Smarter
In some rare occasions, the framework keeps running for a very short time when unsolicited. Almost impossible to see, it took weeks for a very limited number of companies to discover it. An unidentified code is executed without the consent of the users.