Julia - XRW7 Tokyo

The passengers were quiet and relaxed on the plane; no one realizes the landing time was close until one of the crew members made a frightening comment...

Julia - part 7 -XRW7 Tokyo
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Last modificationApr 20, 2018

The passengers of the flight TPM4 to Tokyo are enjoying themselves. This is not like the old days when people had to stay seated the whole flight trying not to be bored. The passengers may walk along the plane anytime going to the many rooms : a lounge bar, a restaurant, a casino, or the private cabins. It looks more like a cruise or a train.

Julia is having a good time at the lounge bar drinking a refreshing cocktail and chitchatting with some businessmen and women. The sofas are really comfortable, not too hard, not to soft. Such a quality in a plane, unbelievable! There is one bar; the first, business and economy classes meet altogether. The private cabins for the first and business classes are similar to small rooms in a hotel for one or two persons. For the rest of the passengers, they can sleep in dormitories from four to six persons. Nevertheless, it is more conformable than a seat.

In about half an hour they will land in Tokyo automatically. The TPM4 is a self-piloting plane using the sun as its main energy. The crew is trained to manually land the aircraft or change the direction in case of an emergency but normally the stewards are requested to take care of the passengers, not to touch anything technical. People love human contacts and exchange; the crew is there to respond to that need. Everything in the plane is served by robots, as it is cheaper and more efficient. Human contacts are taken care of by the crew that talks to people, make them feel secure and comfortable.

Most of the businessmen and women on board are going to the conference in Tokyo. It is a major event in new business technologies. Every year, about three million people join the Technology Park of Tokyo to exchange about the latest advancement in business.

The passengers were quiet and relaxed on the plane; no one realizes the landing time was close until one of the crew members made a frightening comment : “Your attention please, this is Conrad speaking, we should land safely in about fifteen minutes. Be aware that the state of emergency has been triggered at the Narita International Airport following the disappearance of flight XRW7 to Tokyo with fifteen-hundred people on board.”

The Narita International Airport is paralysed by anxiety; the hundreds of people waiting for their relatives, friends or business partners are taken care of by the emergency services. People want answers and information but for now there are none, at least officially. The aircraft disappeared from the radars over the North Pacific ocean.

The authorities have started an investigation; an international search force is on the way to find the exact location of the plane.

For now, there is no official information but the internet is already flooded by many theories : conspiracies, so called expert, biased data and personal opinions. What catches the most the attention is the videos of passengers that published their last words on live streams until a sudden interruption. Every video ends at the same time which indicates most likely the time of an impact in the ocean.

The families are devastated at the seeing of these videos. They can watch their members dying and listen to their final wishes. The psychological care unit tries its best to support and help the people at the airport; no one is dupe, how can you comfort someone who just saw his relative dying on video?

Julia could finally check-in at her hotel. This happens at the same time of the release of an unofficial list of passengers. A community collected all the data about flight XRW7 to Tokyo. Ten of the passengers are known to be regular speakers at the conference, including Bob White. He is founder of one of Julia’s main competitors. She is chocked ! They planned to meet for a debate about artificial intelligence organized by a local media.

Julia has to change her communication, she wanted to confront him on a variety of topics but now she needs to rewrite a new message from scratch in a few hours.

Today is the first day of the conference, and Julia has no intervention on her schedule; she can freely visit the huge warehouse that has been transformed into the Technology Park of Tokyo. Thousands of strands surrounds the place divided in various departments such as : telecommunication, artificial intelligence, robotic, computing, and transportation.

Julia has already chosen what she wants to see first : the museum of technology. The history from the beginning of the industry era up until today. From the first steam machine to the self-piloting solar aircraft.

She is impressed by the replica of a Toyota G1 and Toyota AA, the first Toyota’s truck and car in 1936. A bit further away, Julia admires the first Japanese audio recorder, the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo’s Type-G in 1946. Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo became Sony in 1958.

In the next room, the visitors are invited to join a table to play Hanafuda, a Japanese playing cards from the 16th century. In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi produced handmade sets of this game. He was the founder of Nintendo.

The next attraction, situated in a big hall, is a replica of the mount Fuji. A little sign indicates “その山に上ってください - Sono yama ni nobotte kudasai - please climb up that mountain”. A path goes along the replica to the top revealing the history of Fujifilm.

At noon, a breaking news silenced completely the building. The press agency of the Ottoman Revival Brotherhood claimed they hacked and took control of the plane XRW7 from the distance and crashed it in the ocean. What a disaster!

Rebu is a controversial company that tried many years ago to offer taxi services with non-professional drivers. It worked for a while until the chauffeurs discovered they were actually driving for free because of the too low incomes. The company has then developed a self-driving car but cancelled the program because of repeated accidents. After overcoming many managerial and ethical controversies, Rebu created a self-piloting aircraft.

The excitement of the conference this morning has fade away. People came to the Technology Park with the intention to change their mind and not think about this catastrophe. Now the ambiance is covered by cries and lamentations. Many stand owners have placed an altar dedicated to the victims of this terrorist attack.

According to some rumours, an opponent of the Ottoman Revival Brotherhood was in the plane and most likely the main target. They have announced clearly to the world that they are going to establish their empire no matter what it requires. Even if it means killing thousands of innocent people.

Julia is haunted by this conflict in her mind: showing compassion to her main competitor after the death of the founder or taking advantage of the situation to grow faster. Maybe there is a way to accomplish both.

The debate will take place tomorrow, and now the theme has changed. It is going to be with an opponent specialised in new technologies, especially artificial intelligence. The second event on the schedule for Julia is a presentation of her technology and the field of sharing the resources on planet earth.

Julia knows already she will start the presentation with a commemoration of Bob White and what he has done for the great cause of sharing our resources for a better world. She will follow with a summary of all the successes made by technology in that field. She won’t talk much about her products to make sure no one will see it as an attempt to promote her brand during a tragedy.

The debate is the biggest concern for Julia: if it leads to the technology that was responsible for the terrorist attack, it is lost. Anything added would put her in a position where she will be seen as having no compassion.

After a few hours in a café in the Technology Park, it is becoming clear to her she needs to talk about the successes of Bob White in the debate as well. It is the best way to show compassion to the victims and prove the technology is useful. Her opponent cannot scratch someone’s accomplishments just after he passed away in a tragic incident. Julia needs to prove the responsible is not the technology but the Ottoman Revival Brotherhood and Rebu. No one can defend terrorists and a company without ethic.

Julia is smiling, the strategy is now clear. No self-promotion, almost no words about technology but sharing about the successes in her field. The audience will make the connection between her brand, technology and her field when it is ready for it. Until then, a bit of hope not related to the terrorist attacks associated with a lot of compassion for the victims, their families and friends. It should be appropriate. Of course, she would have preferred not talking at all after such a dramatic moment but she has no choice. She has to do it and she has to be good, very good.

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