Julia - The Yamadrok lake

Julia arrived in Graz one week ago; she spent most of her time setting up the artificial intelligence to calculate the potential other locations where other extraterrestrial sites might be hidden.

Julia - Part 10 - The Yamadrok lake
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Last modificationMay 11, 2018

Julia arrived in Graz one week ago; she spent most of her time setting up the artificial intelligence to calculate the potential other locations where other extraterrestrial sites might be hidden. The events happened five millennia ago, the world was way different than today. It was the beginning of the bronze age, there were about 45 million people at that time.

The process will determine all the specific characteristics around the first location : the village of Feldthurns in South Tyrol where Ötzi and the cave have been discovered. In a radius of five hundred kilometres, the system will try to find every element matching the predefined characteristics such as lakes, villages, mountains, ritual sites, or rare geological properties.

Afterwards, a map of the earth as it was 5’000 years ago will be searched for matching characteristics. All the results will be classified by interest.

The artificial intelligence has now calculated the possibilities and displayed a list of potential sites. The best suggestion is to consider the mountains. The Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the alps. It is situated three hundred and seventy five kilometres away from Feldthurns. This place could be interesting for exposure or the simplicity to find it again.

The report suggests another intriguing fact: the parent peak is nothing else than the mount Everest in Himalaya, the highest mountain in the world. The Mont Blanc is not the only one having the highest summit as its parent peak : Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Nanga Parbat, Jengish Chokusu, Bogda Peak, Namcha Barwa, K2, Kangchenjunga, Manaslu and Annapurna. Including the Mont Blanc and the Everest there are thirteen locations to visit. All these places cover quite well where the people lived at that time.

The next part of the report includes interesting sites about three hundred and seventy five kilometres east from these mountains. The first one on the list is the Yamdrok lake; it is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. The people living there believe it is the dwelling place of deities. Could these deities be coming from other planets?

Two days later, Julia, the professor Geistreich and his team land at Shigatse Peace Airport in Tibet. The next day they will be on site to verify the presence of aliens.

When the team arrives near the lake, their surprise is big. They are not alone, the “Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien” (Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies) (FIGU) has a camp there.

This cannot be a coincidence, they are surely not just observing the UFOs as they claim. They must have found something before us.

Both pilgrims and tourists visit the area, it is common to see people walking around the lake. Most of them are related to Buddhism but if the artificial intelligence is right, it is about to change.


In McLeod Ganj in the Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh, in India, the people are waking up as usual. This place is known for being the new headquarter of the Tibetan government officials and the Dalai Lama. After the failed Tibetan uprising in 1959, they moved into exile in this suburb of Dharamshala.

This morning has begun normally for every inhabitant, except one. The Dalai Lama will never enjoy again the peacefulness of McLeod Ganj. The monk at the service of the spiritual leader found him dead in his room. There is no evidence of any assault, aggression or physical contact on the body. He is either dead of a heart attack or poison.


The topography is being analysed by a drone equipped with an infrared camera. There is no doubt anymore for professor Geistreich and his team. There is something hidden under the lake. At this altitude, the water should be very cold but it happens that there are warm surfaces beneath it.

Unfortunately the partisans of FIGU are not pleased by the drone. The scientists from Graz are forced to stop their researches for today. Anyway, they collected enough data. The next step is to analyse what they got and see if there is an entrance somewhere.

After watching the news, Julia thinks about all the events that have happened today: the death of the Dalai Lama , the holy lake of Yamdrok, the camp of the FIGU members. She also wonders what the meaning of the three hundred and seventy five kilometres distance could mean.

The FIGU organization is not known to be a real threat. The followers pretend to be in contact with extraterrestrial beings but are not considered as a dangerous sect. There are some sympathizers around the world, and a list of controversies but no illegal activities.

For Julia the connection is clear between the death of the Dalai Lama and the lake of Yamdrok. The spiritual leader discovered the activities of the FIGU members around the holy lake. She cannot prove that for now. The FIGU organization is officially too small to conduct such an operation but it could be only the top of the iceberg.

After two days spent in the improvised laboratory ninety kilometres away from the lake at the village of Gyantse, the mystery is solved. The spectral geology sensor has shown what could be a souterrain leading to the centre of the lake from one of its sides.

Tonight is the night! They decided to go inside the souterrain and see what is in there. As soon as they arrive on the site, the first surprise is to discover the FIGU camp completely empty; no one is there. The fire is still burning and the dogs are kept on leashes. They have gone somewhere but they will eventually come back.

The entrance is uncovered: someone has dug already. The adventurers enter the souterrain and start walking along the corridor going to the centre of the lake. After a few minutes, they finally arrive in a huge room. They hide themselves behind some big boxes. From there they can see what could be a cult to at least one deity. The pictures hanging on the wall make clear that the deity comes from another galaxy.

Julia was surprised to see at the entrance that there was no guard nor even a robotic dog. But now she understands the reason: they have to switch off any devices before encountering their gods. Moreover they have to be completely naked, probably to show a total devotion. As for Julia, the professor and the team, they do not follow such rules and are using a variety of very small devices to collect as much data as they can about this temple.

Suddenly, a loud voice echoes in the room: “The Ashtar Sheran has taken care of the Dalai Lama, there is no need to worry anymore. Everything is working as planned”.

There is no time to lose; they have to wrap everything up quickly and leave before the sect discovers their presence. They have now enough evidence to prove what they claim.

As a matter of fact, two religions are believing that one or more gods are dwelling in the lake.

After seeing all the pictures and the material collected in the souterrain, Julia gets an illumination. The letters “SLE” written on the wall next to the pictures of the deity are “375” upside down. This is probably a translation of a word or a code in whatever language the aliens speak.

The professor Geistreich is really satisfied with the discoveries. The same kind of boxes that were stolen in Tyrol were beneath the Yamdrok lake. The FIGU organization is aware of the existence of this site as well as those boxes. The artificial intelligence was right about this first location. All of this let them believe that other sites exist as well in the places provided in the report.

Another important fact is that they could access to the first location without restriction. It could either mean that the FIGU do not use the alien technology to spy on people, or that they know everything and let them in.

The team is back in Graz, safe and with a lot of data to analyse. They have got some great answers but they still do not know the motives of the FIGU organization. They have also no time to verify all the remaining locations alone. The site in Tibet was most likely the biggest of them. Professor Geistreich will simply report that to the United Nations and let them do what they want.

In the laboratory, Julia is incommoded by the ducks in the cage: they are here for an experiment about their memories. The ducks have a separate memory for each eyes and might not remember what they see with the other one. The scientist conducting the experiment says that since they have seen Julia with both eyes they will remember her: “Die Enten kennen Julia” (The ducks know Julia). “Julia, be careful with what you do” joked the scientist who is a bit disconnected from reality.

This souterrain beneath the lake is the biggest camp for the aliens but it is not the headquarter of the FIGU organization. It has at least one laboratory somewhere around the world where it tries to take advantage of the alien technology and hold the missing scientists captive. Its official headquarter is in Switzerland but this is a façade, the organization is way too small and too careful.

Nevertheless, at least one person from the organization should know the truth and the real member list. By investigating any official statement, articles, public appearances or the like, it could lead to someone who knows everything.

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