Julia - The spoils of Genghis Khan

An international investigation has started after the tomb of Genghis Khan has been spoiled. So far, there is absolutely no information about who have done that and what have been stolen.

Julia - part 4 - The spoils of Genghis Khan
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Last modificationApr 13, 2018

An international investigation has started after the tomb of Genghis Khan has been spoiled. So far, there is absolutely no information about who have done that and what have been stolen. The location of Genghis Khan’s tomb has been kept secret until now, it has not been officially proven. The tomb has never been explored until three days ago.

Interpol is in charge of this investigation, it will use its brand new supercomputer. It receives data from almost every country in the world, analyses it and sends it back to all their partners. As soon as a police department of any member country declares an incident internationally, Interpol’s system starts collecting, analysing and exchanging data with their partners. Any police officer around the globe will be notified with personalized data concerning the case. If a suspect is believed to be crossing a certain area, every police officer located in this perimeter will be notified with a picture and a description.

Although this system is very impressive and efficient, it has some limits. The definition of a crime is not the same in every country. Authoritarian countries tend to use it to get rid of an opponent. However, to catch murderers, rapers, or paedophiles, it has been useful.

Julia is back home in Madagascar after this tragic event in Rio. She feels already a bit better after the emotional reaction following this natural disaster and the loss of an important customer. She believes that there will be new opportunities starting today as she talks to a conference for entrepreneurs. She is very excited about it but also a bit scared. Many influential entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists are joining this event. Antananarivo has become a major platforms for startups and new technologies; Julia wants to seize this opportunity.

After a long call with Raj, Julia discovered that he bought a coin from the spoils of Genghis Khan. She is obviously upset about it, but Raj convinced her that it is safe. He does not own physically the coin but got a certificate of ownership on souqchain, a blockchain based technology to exchange currency and certificate of ownership. In a nutshell, it allows the members of this platform to exchange virtual or physical goods over the internet without shipping them. A certificate of ownership authenticating the good and its owner is transmitted from member to member as they sell and purchase. The physical good stays in a free port but the ownership might be transmitted hundreds of times without leaving its location. Souqchain also offers a currency allowing the members to make the transactions. Each transaction is very secure, the system can be trusted, but the history of transactions is completely opaque, no one knows anything.

Raj is really proud of his coin, although he will most likely never see it for real. It does not matter, the value is real and the fun is infinite. Julia is worried Raj might be in trouble, it is obviously illegal, and there is no way he can pretend not knowing the origin of this coin. The spoils are huge, so Julia hopes they will not come after every little item.

Julia is now heading to the “Palais des congrès”, a gigantic building where the conference is hosted. This is not an event to seat on a chair and listen to pitches for hours. People do not want to lose their time, they want to network and be efficient. When they apply to the conference they provide who they are, what they offer and their preferences and during the conference, an artificial intelligence predict the best meetings possible for everyone. The attendants receive a detailed schedule, follow it, going from stand to stand, places to places and connect with as many useful people as possible. The speakers are not on a stage talking to a large audience in front of them. They are recording in a studio and are diffused through the building to holographic receptors given to the attendants. They can then watch a specific speaker with partners, prospects or anyone interested comfortably seated in a restaurant drinking something refreshing.

This conference is a success for Julia, beyond expectation. She is talking with an Australian entrepreneur who owns a company specialized in blockchain technologies. The artificial intelligence of the conference does wonders, she thinks. After the experience at Rio, she wanted to include a blockchain technology in her solution to facilitate the distribution of resources.

Matt, this entrepreneur, is really excited about this partnership. He was one of the creators of souqchain but did not like the outcome, as it was not his intention to invent a technology that would be used for illegal purposes as it is today. He left souqchain many years ago to found a new one, paritychain. This time, no mafia, no corruption, no immorality. A partnership with Julia is a fantastic opportunity to do something positive and helpful.

Matt explains to Julia his cryptocurrency has become the official money in Australia because he set a tax on every transaction, which allows the government to cover its budget only with it. The other taxes are being removed as they are useless; people hates tax returns and tend to hide their money. With this cryptocurrency, there is no way to hide anything and as soon as a transaction is made, the government gets automatically a revenue, which hinders any possibility of tax evasion. Moreover, the mafia cannot buy and sell with this money as they can easily be investigated by the authorities if they transfer too often a big amount of money. The tax on each transaction is known and verified by the government.

Matt is passionate about what he is doing; he does not stop talking but Julia is very interested about what he has to say about this robbery in Mongolia. Using souqchain was the only option because after the robbery the spoils have probably been brought to a free port for more secrecy. The free trade zone of Altanbulag at the border of Russia is most likely the best option, as it is the closest one and is a good access point to Russia. They had to move out of Mongolia as quickly as possible, and from Altanbulag they could access to the logistic they needed to transfer the spoils to the free trade zone of Tomsk in Siberia. From there, out of Mongolia, they could spread the good all around the world in other free trade zones in less regulated countries. Obviously, it has not been organized by amateurs.

Now, the stolen items will simply remain in their final destination, one of these free trade zones. The traders can sell and buy them completely anonymously. The certificate proves the authenticity and the value of an item and no one needs to see it for real. Because of the blockchain technology, these certificates cannot be copied or stolen, they are mathematically secured. The only way to get the spoils back is to break the door of every free port which would lead to a major political crisis; It would be seen as threat to territorial sovereignty of these less regarding countries.

This event has already largely promoted the cult of Genghis Khan; this is the top trending topic on every social media. He had already a great reputation over history but he is becoming again a spiritual leader. Genghis Khan was tolerant concerning other religions in his empire but he called slaves Jews and Muslims which is leading to some controversies as some of his followers want to promote this aspect. The spoils of Genghis Khan has been a major historical topic for centuries and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

Julia is back at her place after the conference; she is very exited, it went well, and she could meet many amazing people including new prospects. But nothing else is in her mind except this trip to Australia. What a fantastic opportunity to improve her solution. While packing, Julia is dreaming about Australia, the cities, the beaches, the kangaroos, the culture. She would love to dive and see the great barrier reef.

However, this trip is not for vacation, it is going to be intense. Matt is a successful businessman, she does not want to disappoint him. She wants to show that a young businesswoman has also many qualities.

So Julia is calling me, as she wants me to organize her trip to Australia. So far I did not talk about myself, I am Naspa, Julia’s personal assistant. I am a very small drone that follows her everywhere and does what a secretary does. I take notes, organize the calendar, book a flight, show her daily briefing, remind her what she forgets, search any answer on the internet and write the story of Julia.

For me it is so simple to book a flight and a hotel; she does not need to search on those weird websites that pretend to offer the best deals available. In a few seconds I can compare every offer on the internet matching Julia’s preferences and book the best one.

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