Julia - The great barrier reef

Julia landed a few minutes ago in Melbourne; she is walking towards the baggage delivery. A headline from a well known local newspaper catches her attention : A robot kills a human.

Julia - The great barrier reef
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Last modificationApr 13, 2018

Julia landed a few minutes ago in Melbourne; she is walking towards the baggage delivery. A headline from a well known local newspaper catches her attention : A robot kills a human. She takes me, her personal assistant out of her carry-on. As I starts to fly around her, she asks me to collect some information about this killing.

As far as I can tell, some drones were dedicated to the construction of a new building. A neighbour, not satisfied by this intrusive swam of drones tried to destroy them with a rifle. One of the drones, programmed to accomplish its mission, decided to remove the cause of what was hindering him to perform his duty. The man died hit by a huge stone carried by the drone.

The debate about the responsibility between humans and robots has started a many years ago but will not end anytime soon. The United Nations has opened a dedicated department for such matters, and a court deals with these situations but the results are not satisfying anyone yet. Should a human represent a robot or should a robot be represented by another robot ? This is an example of the questions it is trying to answer. With the help of all kinds of experts, from philosophers to artificial intelligence scientists, it tries to answer these questions and build our coexisting future with robots.

This new scandal will keep them busy for a long time. Julia knows that perfectly; she follows carefully the verdicts given by the Inter Biological and Non-Biological Species Court, the IBNBSC. She is more concerned by the relationship between humans and robots but this court takes care on planet earth of any relationship between any species. There are more and more rumours about the existence of aliens as well as of the need to represent animals in a trial. All of that has led the United Nations to create a dedicated department to solve these somehow very ironic problems.

Julia works very closely with the IBNBSC because her technology needs to comply with their rules. If her artificial intelligence delivers automatically the goods during a natural disaster and decides who can live or die because there is not enough for everyone, who will be responsible ? The artificial intelligence or Julia’s startup ?

Matt is waiting outside the airport; he is already thinking about this evening. One of his partners, also specialized in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, wants to meet. Matt planned a little bit ahead and would like to raise funds through tokens for the new project with Julia.

After a short flight with a flying car, Julia and Matt arrive at the hotel where she will stay. The meeting will take place in about four hours. Enough time for Julia to rest a bit and prepare herself for tonight.

Julia is astonished by this hotel: she has never been in such a place, everything is automatized. As her personal assistant, I can connect to the customer platform and request anything on the behalf of Julia. If the room is not clean enough, within a few minutes a team of cleaning robots will come and solve the problem. I can optimize Julia’s planning by booking a table and ordering her favourite food at the perfect time.

But tonight the dinner is served in a famous restaurant in the city centre with Matt and his partner. The cook is a very famous French chef who moved to Australia a few years back to open a tech kitchen. He is the only human being assisted by an army of robots cooking, serving and cleaning. The cook is just there to supervise, entertain his guests and make them feel comfortable among tons of metal flying all around.

Matt’s partner, David, is an expert in raising funds through cryptocurrencies and tokens. Julia gets to know he is actually the one who raised the biggest amount of cryptomoney a few years back. The project behind this raise is about to succeed. The first part was to search a solution to heal the corral and the second part, which is in progress, is to restore the great barrier reef. Before David’s project everyone came to the conclusion that the reef was about to disappear forever. Now the process has been reversed, the barrier is getting back its greatness, the species are multiplying and the plants are growing. The ecosystem is spectacular again.

Julia is impressed by David and cannot believe such a successful man would help her. In a few years, Australia has become one of the leaders in fighting the climate change and the pollution through technologies. This is the reason why Matt and David want to help Julia: their purpose is to push forward this new tradition and show the rest of the world the way to go.

David explains his strategies and says that he sees three tokens for the three services Julia offers : calculating the best spread of resources according to the needs, delivering the resources after a natural disaster and producing the appropriate quantity of electricity based on the needs and the producer’s capacity.

A defined number of these tokens can be sold in advance to customers and investors, giving access to a service or the possibility to sell these tokens again. When the services will be ready, the owners can redeem these tokens and get the corresponding service.

With this fundraising, the plan is to cover the one year of development and four years of providing the services promised by the tokens. Julia will get 60%, Matt 30% and David 10%. Moreover, the tokens will be exchangeable on David’s platform on which the following terms will apply : every time a token is sold with value added, 10% will be taken from this value added. This revenue will also be distributed to the three partners at the same rate.

After the meeting, back at her hotel, Julia cannot believe her eyes. This is incredible ! If all this works her budget would be covered for the next five years. On top of that, the good vibe is not over: she sees in the news the Swiss vote on the International Hosting Agreement has been reversed. A fraud has been detected that has invalidated enough votes to change the decision.

In Switzerland many villages try to merge with their neighbours to become bigger. The purpose is to centralize the administrations to become more powerful and efficient. During the vote, five villages were in the process of merging in the outskirt of Zurich where many leaders of the Swiss People’s Party live. Some members of this party have been able to register two of these villages twice. One time as a merged entity and one time as independent ones. Since the vote was really tight, it has been enough to influence the national result.

The fraud has been discovered because of a conflict in a family. One of the members was legally represented by someone else inside the family, because of a mental health condition. Some other people of the family contested the vote made by the tutor thinking he voted against the will of this first member. During the procedure, they discovered the vote has been counted twice in two different villages, the new one and the old one. From there, an investigation has been open leading to the arrest of eight members of the Swiss People’s Party and the cancellation of the votes in the old villages.

This news is a relief for Julia, as she still did not have any other alternative to host her artificial intelligence outside Switzerland. It was and it is again the best place for her to deploy her technology.

What a lovely day, Julia thinks. She asks me to order a bottle of Champagne in the room and book a spot in the SPA to celebrate the good news.

During the rest of the week, Julia and Matt have defined the strategy about the implementation of the blockchain technology around Julia’s artificial intelligence. The resources will not only be allocated by the artificial intelligence; they will be followed until they have been delivered to the right recipient.

After one week of very fruitful meetings, it was time to relax a bit. David invited Julia to dive in the barrier reef to see the work in progress by herself. What a great chance to fulfil one of Julia’s dreams and discover before most people the resurrection of the nature.

David tells Julia they have found a molecule that is able to improve drastically the strength of the corrals in such a way that they resist to the pollution and can grow again. Moreover, as an effect of the massive found raising for this project, many companies decided to reduce their environmental footprint and started to invest in more responsible technologies.

The barrier reef is gorgeous; this molecule does wonders, thinks Julia. The ecosystem is getting more and more diverse again, there are so many different kinds of fish and plants. The nature has got its right back. What a wonderful world !

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