Julia - The future meets the past

After the group split, Gerhard and his faithful friends discover a footprint in the snow. This one does not look like any animal they have ever seen. They are intrigued and want to find out what it is. On the way, they hear some noise. Kind of a whispering but in a language they do not understand.

Julia - Part 9 - The future meets the past
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Last modificationMay 04, 2018

It is cold tonight; the wind is blowing, and the snow is covering Gerhard’s hair. The sun goes down and him and his friends have not caught any game yet. They are hungry, exhausted and half of the team wants to give up. Gerhard is not that kind of guy, he wants to eat meat; he does not care about farming, this is for women. Gerhard prefers to be killed by a beast rather than eating cereals and vegetables only.

After the group split, Gerhard and his faithful friends discover a footprint in the snow. This one does not look like any animal they have ever seen. They are intrigued and want to find out what it is. On the way, they hear some noise. Kind of a whispering but in a language they do not understand. They try to come as close as possible without making any noise. Still a few steps and they will finally get the revelation.

Unbelievable! they have never seen that before. Their appearance is a combination of human beings and fish. They are carrying many big and heavy boxes inside a cave. Gerhard does not know who they are and what they are hiding.

Gerhard is hungry but those people are too tall and too numerous. He is up for some fish but definitely not for human bodies.

At that moment, a snowflake tickles the nose of one of Gerhard’s friends who sneezed very loudly. All the beasts turn and discover the spies. They become furious and angry. One shoots an arrow that pierces violently one of the hunters who falls instantly on the ground. This happens to three other people.

Gerhard and the remnants try to hold the wounded men but with the snow, they will never run fast enough to escape. After only a few seconds, Gerhard is the last man standing. Facing three of these animals, he uses his copper axe to defend himself. Without success !

Gerhard has reached his final destination; he is now being buried by the beasts. They have cleaned all the evidences; they do not want to be discovered. No witness shall remain. Gerhard and his friends were at the wrong place at the wrong time. His final destination ? It is not; he will only remain there for five millennia.


Today is a great day for archaeology. As we continued our researches after the discovery of Ötzi the iceman in 1991, we can now assert that we have found some artefacts and materials on the site that do not belong to our race. They have not been fabricated by human beings.

These objects have most likely been there for about five thousands years. We discovered in a cave about 10 black big and heavy boxes. When we opened these boxes we saw things that were looking like brains. These brains do not belong to any species on earth. They are still alive, alimented by an unknown technology in blood and nutrient. As of today, we do not know the purpose of these brains and what they are capable of.

We are confident that there were more than ten boxes. Some traces make clear that at least five boxes have been moved during the last two years. When we found it, the cave was completely covered by the vegetation; it was, however, not enough to prevent other people from digging and recovering back the cave. This time we speak of human activities.

As for now, we believe that these brains are here to calculate something, to save memories from aliens on planet earth or to bring back to life a living entity in the future.

We are also investigating the fact that Ötzi might have been killed by these extraterrestrial lives. He might have discovered them, and they would have killed him to leave no witness behind them. They probably did not want anyone to find what they were hiding.

We will not discover the aliens in the future, it has already happened. At least their brains.

The United Nations will hold a meeting to discuss further about that story. The goal of this summit will be to gather a team that will research on these brains and bring the light over this new technology. At the same time, it is an international security concern. What if the aliens find out that we discovered their boxes? Will they come back with good or bad intentions? What can be done to protect the human race and the planet?

Meanwhile in Antananarivo, Julia is drinking her daily cup of Palmy. She is fascinated by this news. The young entrepreneur did not believe in extraterrestrial lives until now. She did not think one day we will meet them. So knowing they have come already five thousand years ago is mind blowing.

Julia is wondering if the disappearance of Jenny has something to do with these five stolen boxes. What if a group of people is trying to take control over these brains and take advantage of them? If there is a way to use a brain to calculate whatever you want, it would be insane. The brain is so much faster and powerful than any super-calculator or artificial intelligence. It can memorize way more information and access it so quickly.

Julia would love to get access to one of these brains to see what they are capable of. Probably just one would be sufficient to serve any customers for the rest of her life. For now, it is too soon to know what is going to happen to this technology.

Julia is persuaded there is a connection between Jenny and the stolen boxes. She wants to investigate and find the truth. She just does not know where to begin. The only thing that comes to her mind is to travel to Austria and go on the site in Tyrol. She could even take a day off to ski.

Before going to Tyrol, Julia flies to Graz. The “Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz” and the “Technische Universität Graz” (the university of Graz and the university of technology of Graz) have been selected to conduct the researches on the boxes. They are famous for the biological sciences.

Through connections, Julia could meet professor Geistreich who leads the researches on the extraterrestrial brains.

The first impression pictures a man who is passionate about what he does, probably too passionate. He is brilliant, he takes well care of his work but less of himself.

Professor Geistreich explains to Julia he believes that these boxes are most likely a system to spy the planet earth. He has discovered they use quantum teleportation to transfer data. This technology is so sophisticated that it can probably send a message to up to five hundred thousand kilometres. A transmitter even further away than the moon could get and resend the data somewhere else.

There is no doubt that captors are hidden all around the globe to collect a great variety of data. At that point we do not know the kind of information they gather neither the reason why the boxes were stored in Tyrol.

The next step is to use our knowledge in neuroscience to understand what these brains think. The purpose is to find out what exactly they know about us, the locations of the captors and if we can get to know anything about our spies.

We know for fact now that five boxes are missing; they have seemingly been stolen by human beings two years ago according to the traces left on the site. The assumption is that these extraterrestrial beings are aware for about forty-eight months that their tapping device has been compromised. The United Nations is concerned that they might come again to fix this issue. Right now, we do not know where they live and how fast they can travel. They can arrive in a few seconds as well as in a few centuries or more.

We need to discover as well the location of the transmitter in space. This could indicate how far or close they potentially are from us.

Professor Geistreich finally tells Julia he accepted her request for a meeting because she is an expert in artificial intelligence. She could help with her system to localize the captors as it includes a geographic and a cartographic module.

They absolutely need to discover why Tyrol was chosen as a location to hide the heart of the system and if there are other places with similar characteristics. There is a risk that other boxes might be hidden somewhere else. Moreover, the thieves might have found as well those places and are now using them instead of the aliens.

Julia is excited and scared at the same time. She is so happy to contribute to this investigation. What a great opportunity, a contract with the United Nations. Fear is how one would describe the best the atmosphere in the room. An extraterrestrial species spied on use for five millennia and know probably every little secret about every individual who ever existed on this planet.

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