Julia - Riot in Tehran

Julia is working on a new feature on her artificial intelligence until something catches her attention from the daily routine.

Julia - part 2 - Riot in Tehran
Date published
Last modificationApr 13, 2018

A few weeks after the vote in Switzerland, Julia and her team are working on a new service. The artificial intelligence will soon be capable of predicting where to produce clean energy at the lower cost. This will take in consideration the seasons, the weather, the location, the quantity of electricity among other parameters. With this solution, a company operating in Europe could know where and when to buy or produce electricity to satisfy the demand at the lower cost. The algorithm will continually collect and process the data from the weather, producers and consumers for the last century. Year after year it will predict the best options for the coming years based on statistics calculated from all the data collected. Moreover, this algorithm will learn from its mistakes. If it happens that a prediction is not accurate, the artificial intelligence will learn and adjust accordingly.

Julia is very excited about this new service, she knows that clean energy will get much more attractive. With nuclear energy, a provider can produce the exact quantity needed at the exact moment which is not the case for clean energy as it depends on the weather and the season. This is soon to be the past, the randomness and unpredictability of clean energy is about to vanish as the dirt on a shirt with those new atomic washing sprays.

Today is the workout day, Julia exercises three times per week. After a good cup of Palmy, she goes to the gym. The sun was shining, the day was lovely, but no time for a walk. Julia orders a drone cab, a fun but efficient way to travel. In less than a minute, the drone arrives, she fastens the safety harness and is lifted up over the city. The weather was perfect to travel this way.

Julia remembers a few years back when cabs were driven by people. She remembers this company that allowed anyone with a car to be a taxi driver; they were somehow successful for a while until all the governments started to regulate, leading drivers to stop or get a taxi driver licence.

As usual, Julia begins her workout with a little bit of cardio to warm up. The session will be led by a virtual coach that knows everything about Julia’s physical aptitudes, goals and preferences. Tailored activities are suggested to optimize the workout and speed up the process to reach the goals. The coach learns by himself and can adjust a session if the athlete is feeling tired, too stressed or in a bad mood. Music and videos will be selected accordingly to change the mood and the emotions. This way every training is profitable as much as it can be.

At the beginning of a session, Julia prefers to watch the news before enjoying electronic or classical music. After watching the local news, her attention is caught by a riot in Tehran.

Iran has changed a lot, the democracy has taken place as it is in Europe, people have more rights, the freedom of speech is growing. Nevertheless, a society evolves continually. The perpetual debate continues between those who want more progress as a society, those who dream of open markets without governmental control and those who want to live by their traditional values.

What has intensified the debate is this interview of an Asian couple, adult and consenting father and daughter. Incest was the new storm in the public squares in Tehran, everyone was talking about it or at least making allusion. There were three main opinions: no one should be allowed to even mention incest; people have the right to debate and talk about it but incest should be forbidden; incest should be allowed after all, people are consenting and love each other.

Julia believes that the freedom of speech should prevail but incest should remain illegal. The debate was particularly interesting and intense in Iran because of the new form of democracy. This topic was used to affirm or challenge it. It was not really about incest but more about using the right of speech freely no matter the topics. In fact, almost everyone was against incest but the controversy grew very quickly due to the emotions raised by the question.

While resting and drinking a bit of water, Julia thinks about the article Mina published last week. She expressed her opinion about the Ottoman Revival Brotherhood. A group of people who wants to recreate the Ottoman empire. Although Iran was not part of the Ottoman empire, this brotherhood has an antenna in Iran with the clear ambition to expand the historical borders.

The Ottoman Revival Brotherhood is obviously against freedom of speech; they aspire to a total control and submission of the population. The freedom of speech allows them to speak as long as they do not commit any illegal activities. Mina agrees with that, she is open to debate, this is the power of the freedom of speech. As long as people respect one another, any topics should be discussed even if the debaters do not agree with one another.

Julia loves that about Mina, her courage, openness to debate anything, her respect for opponents and her will to never give up. She believes that through discussions people can change their minds, more than through repression and violence.

Yesterday, a major riot happened in Tajrish between the partisans of the Ottoman Revival Brotherhood and those for the freedom of speech. Tens of people died in the violence, hundreds were injured. The police fought back to spread the crowd.

Julia has heard enough, she wants to relax a bit after the cardio session. The workout is not over, she walks to other machines, ready to lift some weight.

After about one hour spent in the gym, Julia moves toward her office. She rents a space in a hub for startups where she can work and meet other link minded people. She loves that place, it is modern, comfortable, and full of energy. Every service a young entrepreneur needs is available.

On today’s agenda, Julia will call her chef of development, Chandan in India. She needs to know where they are with the creation of the new algorithm. The customers are waiting and other companies are about to offer similar services. Moreover, her plan is to officially present this new feature during an important congress in Tokyo in a few weeks.

Chandan explains that a new release of the main component of the artificial intelligence is available. It is an open source project produced by a great community from around the world. This new component will be critical to the success of the new service. For now, it is going well, the first test of integration has proved to be working. Within a few days, the alpha version should be ready to show the foundation of this new exciting technology.

Julia is happy, she cannot help herself but run to the next office where Faniriana seats to share how she feels about the new service. Faniriana is a designer working as a freelancer, she helps sporadically Julia for a few tasks. They eat regularly together for lunch and today is going to be the case. With such a weather no doubt that they would walk in the neighbourhood, stop by a café or a small restaurant to pick up something and eat in a park.

Faniriana was very excited by what Julia was doing, she could not understand everything but was amazed that a young lady could live such a dream. She will do her best to stay around Julia and maintain the friendship. It would be such an honour and great joy to know her if she becomes rich and famous.

After about half an hour of intensive talk and mutual compliments and congratulations a client of Faniriana came for an appointment. The distraction was over, it was now time to get back to work and to do more useful stuff.

She absolutely needed to call a potential partner who could provide a great amount of data to feed the algorithm with. The more data she gets the more accurate the statistics will be. The artificial intelligence will learn quicker and more efficiently if she can convince major actors to share their data with her. Electricity producers, national weather agencies, statistics about electricity consumption, all the data counts. It is a critical moment for her because if they join her project and share their data, more customers will be interested to use her services.

As Julia walks back to her office, her phone rings, she takes it and discover a notification from a social media. She usually removes any notifications from any online platforms because it can be very distracting and the flow of news is never ending. It has to be important she thinks, wondering what it could be. As she unlocks the phone, she discovers an automatic notification announcing with great sadness to all followers that Mina passed away last night. She was one of the victims of the Riot in Tehran.

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