Julia - Life after life after death

Rick does not seem tired at all; even though he has worked for about three successive weeks, he shows no sign of fatigue. He loves making things with his hands, his house is raising up from the ground and the boat is ready to go.

Julia - Life after life after death
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Last modificationApr 13, 2018

Rick does not seem tired at all; even though he has worked for about three successive weeks, he shows no sign of fatigue. He loves making things with his hands, his house is raising up from the ground and the boat is ready to go. Rick has as much time as he requires to complete his new home. Here, stress and pressure do not exist, the time is nothing.

Probably a few years back, Rick landed on this archipelago; he remembers only a little about what took place before and why he is here. The area is delightful, the sun shines constantly, merely slight rains refresh the nature: it looks like paradise. Rick loves these islands; he is free to enjoy himself, no rules, no constraints, nothing to bother him. Sadly, this strange planet is unoccupied. Some people live here, but the world is so huge that everyone is scattered all around. Sometimes, a new person arrives, but it is not enough to fill this place. Rick is not lonely or sad, he cannot be. Every time he is subject of negative emotions, an idea or another thought comes to his mind to counterbalance.

Rick does what he cares for: he is building his own house, using his creativity without end; and exploring the planet. Although Rick cannot be hungry, he likes meat a lot. He can chase and feed his stomach as much as he wants, no limit, only pleasure until he decides to do something else. He produces his own alcohol: beer, liquors and strong beverage. Rick can be drunk but not sick nor tired. He discovered in a short while that being drunk makes no sense because the reality is perfect: he has no need to escape. The opposite happens, he cannot sleep so the time until he is sober again is a long and annoying process. He is too waisted to do anything right, so he has to wait. Since the brain works slower, the emotional balance might be compromised. This is the only moment when he can feel negative emotions because his mind cannot readjust his feelings.

Alcohol is a trap here, if you drink to forget that you are drinking, the life can become a living nightmare. This is what happened to Tom, a friend of Rick. He started drinking Rick’s alcohol, at the beginning for the sake of trying, and after, a bit more because drinking is fun. Afterwards, he drank to find a new balance because his brain could not manage his emotions anymore. Following a long time of suffering, Tom died.

Tom was not supposed to die. In a normal scenario, dying is not possible on this planet; the body is invincible, stays young and healthy. If someone falls from a cliff, his body will get back its shape after the impact. In this situation, Tom died because of a misconception of the system, no one imagined that was possible to be as desperate as he was. Therefore, the system thought an intruder entered into the planet and destroyed it. As no data of Tom remained, it is not possible to recreate him, he is gone forever.

Tom was a relative of Julia; she did not know him very well except that he passed away a few years back of a cancer at the age of forty-one. Back then, it was a chock for everyone: he was a father of two kids, very active and full of energy. No one thought he could die so quickly.

Before dying, he got this opportunity from this new startup, Vivo. They could transfer his personality and conscience into a new world, a virtual paradise. Vivo is able to read people’s brain and take the needed data to recreate the persona into the new world. Some part of the body are artificially kept alive to maintain the essence of life.

Tom was too young to die and joined Vivo; he was one of the first participants. They could transfer him into his next life after his death. Until today, Vivo was not able to create a bridge between the two worlds so this was not possible to talk with a dead person who moved into the virtual world. No one on our planet knew what was going on with Tom, nobody was aware he was living a nightmare in the final destination.

The story of Tom became known when Vivo discovered the reality after his second death. At the funeral everyone rejoiced because Tom could live a better life, the life he expected. Who could think a bigger nightmare was waiting for him? In fact, his second death was a relief. What if he had to live in hell forever? Tormented all the time? Maybe one day someone would have helped him to get back to the reality of this virtual world but this is only speculation.

Last week, Vivo introduced its new feature, a bridge between the two worlds to let people talk together. When Sara, Tom’s wife and the two kids went to Vivo headquarters to talk to Tom, they could not contact him; he was missing from the new world.

Later on Rick could explain what happened to Tom: Rick and Tom met some years back, it is impossible to know exactly when. Time is nothing on this planet. They became good friends and started building together: a house, a boat, a garden among other things. Rick started to produce his own alcohol, they wanted even more fun and laughing. Tom took the habit to drink, to drink a lot. After a while, Rick stopped producing because he saw his friend changing. But it was too late, Tom’s brain was already affected by negativity and self destruction. His brain could not stabilize his emotions anymore.

Tom became mentally sick; Rick and the others on the planet were not able to help him and they could not ask for support outside this world. Tom set the house, the boat, and the other things on fire and destroyed everything. Rick loved him and forgave him; this is how people are supposed to be. Tom tried to kill Rick and himself but it was not possible. Using a knife did not work, falling from a cliff neither. He was continuously tormented, he had no peace at all.

When he saw that nothing could help, Rick left Tom and joined another group of people and lived with them for a long long time. During this time, Rick had no contact with Tom, although some evenings when the wind was blowing it was possible to hear Tom screaming in the woods like a beast coming from Hell. Rick loved Tom but had no compassion for him because compassion means sharing the feelings with someone else. Which was not possible for Rick.

One day, Rick and his new friends realized that Tom was not screaming anymore in the woods. They searched for him hoping that he had changed. Unfortunately, they discovered his body without life. At that moment, Rick decided to build again the house and the boat. He left his new friends and went back to the archipelago.

This communication with Tom’s family affected Rick as if his brain was not able to stabilize his emotions. People were not supposed to die on this planet which has opened a new era in the system. Rick has not felt this way after Tom’s death but today after speaking to the family, he does. “I want to drink” were the last words of Rick before the conversation with Tom’s family ended. Vivo can now communicate with people in the new world but there is no way to change the circumstances. This is the next project but will it be too late for Rick?

Today is the second funeral of Tom. Vivo removed the last body members of Tom that were still connected to the system and gave them back to the family. This time no one is rejoicing, everyone knows how much Tom suffered during his first and second life. The family wants to sue Vivo for what happened but is it even possible? For sure Tom will not get anything from it.

Julia is completely upside down; she feels the fear inside her, she cannot stop imagining how horrible Tom’s second life was. She cannot hold her tears. Tom passed away ten years ago; Julia was still a teenager, she remembers the joy and the relief at the first funeral. Nobody thought that life would strike Tom a second time. But this time it is even worse.

The congress in Japan is next week, Julia has a lot of work to do before then. It is going to be a major event, she cannot miss such an opportunity. Unfortunately, she does not feel good, her soul is not in peace.

Vivo has opened a new chapter in philosophy and religion. What happens after the second death ? Since the second death is a virtual death, does a life after life after death exist ?

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